The Simplify Philosophy

Many organizations are completely confused with how are they going to grow and survive in the next twelve months, let alone the next two to three years.
With COVID changing the business landscape, start-ups fueling sector innovation and taking on traditional established fortune 500 companies, digital aware consumers demanding more and employees seeking bigger challenges and looking for other opportunities, now more then ever having a common, collective purpose and direction has never been more needed.

The Simplify Approach

Executive/Team Training

Opening the mind to numerous possibilities and redefining purpose

Strategy White Space Analysis

Understand the direction you need to take for market leadership.

Organizational Change and Re-alignment

Change the team energy and behavior to achieve the new purpose.

Executive/Team Training

Let’s get everybody energized, moving in the same direction with excitment,
drive and a renewed purpose.

Executive Training

Identify what is working well and what isn’t Create future scenarios that will force out of the box thinking and greater collaboration Define the purpose of the future organization Enable greater understanding of how each executive can drive change that will be complimentary to other teams

Team Training

Create a team that are accountable and take ownership of their position Understand the importance of communication and how over communication can prevent misunderstandings Promote the concept of adaptability, resourcefulness and agility at work

Strategic White Space Analysis

Find out where you are in the landscape, what actions you need to take,
so that you move forward in the right way.

Strategic White
Space analysis

Review how you are doing compared to your direct competition Evaluate how consumers are talking about you and more importantly how engaged are they with your brand Examine what is the way forward that will make your company different from the crowed Understand internally what are the capabilities and what is your company capable of and what resources are you lacking

The Adaptability

Review how consumers see your brand compared to the competition, how resourceful/adaptable are your team and how flexible do they view your organization Evaluate internally how your team views the organizations adaptability, flexibility and ability to meet future demands in the marketplace. The adaptability score will help to identify how ready your organization is to take on the competition, and what improvements need to be made to better align external and internal thinking and market

Organizational change and realignment

Let’s introduce a new energy, behavior and drive into the organization.

Cultural Assessment

Evaluate how engaged employees are with your organization and what barriers exist to prevent them from engaging more Determine the innovative thinking of the team and what needs to be done to help them become more innovative Understand what skills do they currently have and what skills are they missing to be better at what they do. Identify the knowledge transfer model, and what is preventing knowledge to be transferred more readily amongst colleagues within the organization.


Identify and reward the attitudes and behaviors that are driving positive change and results. Explain and communicate the new cultural norms and values within the organization. Promote cultural ambassadors who value and embody the new way thinking Train and empower people to accept, understand and promote change within the organization.


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